I’ve seen entrepreneurial organizations that promised balance—“Win back control of your life!”—but then coached their members into working insane hours, even going so far as to tell people that certain business topics should only be researched after 9 PM, since you couldn’t do anything with clients at that time. (I’ve watched those same organizations hold conferences that had 17 hours of training in a single day.)

I’ve also seen formal corporations that had an expectation that employees should only leave for the day when all work had been completed, and this led to people working 12-hour days. And managers had to “set a good example”, so they worked a good hour or two longer than everyone else.

These are just two examples of where I’ve seen people losing the battle for balance. I even saw a blog post recently that touted a 40-hour week as a joke – something only lazy people would even want!

So many people have been taught for so long that the only good way to work is long and hard. Now, many people simply don’t believe balance can be a reality in our fast-paced world.

But balance is not a myth!

I have helped managers get more done in less time. I have helped organizations get better performance from their employees in fewer hours. I have helped people recover their marriages by being more effective at work, so they no longer had to bring their work home (not even as mental weight).

And I can help you. I guarantee it.