Integrity. Experience. Leadership. Clarity.

Gerry Seymour is a nationally recognized expert on business and personal growth. Gerry combines his experience as a management consultant with his proven skill as a coach to help you refocus your efforts in business, relationships, and other areas of life.

As Gerry has touched more lives, he has been able to reach out into more industries, business segments, and groups. He has brought together a network of other professional coaches and consultants, who work with Gerry within Quantum Point, the company he founded in early 2011 to serve businesses requesting management consulting and related services. Gerry continues to work personally with individuals and groups seeking professional development.

  • Business owners
  • Managers and Executives
  • Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs
  • Self-employed professionals
  • Business associations
  • anyone looking to improve their business or career

This site provides an overview of the services offered by Gerry and his staff, partners, and associates. If you have additional questions or do not see the information you want here, contact us for more help.

From Gerry….My Values

I have built my business on my values. Just as I help my clients align their lives and decisions with their values, I identified my own values as they pertain to business, and have worked diligently to align my actions and business with those values at every step.


Integrity has two parts to its meaning: honesty or character, and alignment between actions and words (and values). This latter portion is a primary focus of my coaching approach. I have found that many people are stuck and frustrated, primarily because they have not found a way to align their decisions with their values – their life lacks this principal integrity.


There are two sides to this value, for me, as well. First, I value having input from those who have deep and meaningful experience – the kind of experience that builds experts. Secondly, I value the seeking of experience. We all have choices – nearly every day – to choose the path we already know well and are comfortable on, or to choose a new and scary path, where we gain new experiences. I value both meanings I associate with this word, and I seek both.


I follow John Maxwell’s definition of leadership: “Leadership is influence.” Every one of us has some influence on those around us. True leaders are those who choose to make careful and purposeful use of that influence to improve the lot of others. My career has gained me an increasing amount of influence over the past 20 years, and I strive to use that to lead people in ways that will improve their lives, their businesses, and their relationships.


I believe that honest communication is best based upon clarity. One of the talents I bring to the support of my clients is the ability to bring clarity to complex and confusing issues. I constantly look for lessons in every area of life, concepts and principles that can help bring clarity to these complicated and troubling issues for myself and my clients.

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