I know I can help you find more balance. I’ve done it for so many people in so many circumstances, that I have complete confidence in what I do – enough that I guarantee I can help.

Mind you, I can’t do the work. That part’s on you.

So, here’s my guarantee:

If you…

  1. give your best efforts
  2. do your homework (yes, there is definitely homework!)
  3. follow the principles I work on with you
  4. and make an honest effort to gain more balance

…for 90 days, and don’t see more balance and alignment in your life, I will refund your entire coaching plan (minus any actual expenses I’ve incurred on your behalf).

How will you know you have better balance?

If you honestly follow the principles I use with my clients, you will see:

  • better communication
  • stronger relationships
  • improved ability to adapt to the needs of the moment
  • more effectiveness (and often, efficiency) in your work hours

Obviously, this only applies to programs of at least 90 days, and only applies to the first 90-day period (mainly because most clients focus on objectives other than balance after the first 10-12 weeks). And, of course, this only applies to programs where balance is a primary objective (which is the case with most of my clients).