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Self-Development for Business

My Professional Development Coaching process will help you improve your business decisions, leadership approach, and personal business acumen – all while helping you improve the improtant relationships in every area of your life. I focus on helping you build a balance in the key areas of your life (including your work) and achieve your goals. The Professional Development process leverages tools and techniques from Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, and Business Coaching. The Professional Development Coaching process is designed to serve those in leadership positions (managers, executives, and owners) and those working toward goals in those areas.

Some of the areas clients have used this process to improve:

  • Creating a balanced life
  • Self-development for business
  • Business coaching for entrepreneurs
  • Effective communication
  • Building and improving relationships
  • Public speaking training
  • Reading for success
  • Leadership coaching
  • Leaders developing leaders

These key aspects of the Professional Development Coaching process are intended to improve your ability to solve problems, develop personal and business relationships that are beneficial to all involved, and live a more fulfilled and successful life.

Choose your program

  • Single Laser Coaching session.
    A Laser Coaching session is a fast-paced, high-intensity approach to challenging you on key areas of your life, business, and growth. Laser sessions tend to be abrupt, personal, and somewhat confrontational, to help you identify key obstacles in your own attitude, habits, and decisions. Laser sessions are problem-solving sessions, and typically focus on short-term situations. Sessions typically are about 30 minutes.
    $125 per session
  • 4-week Problem-Solving program
    The Problem-Solving program is designed to help overcome current circumstances, obstacles, and problems that have blocked you in a specific area or project. During each the 4 weeks, you will have one coaching session, plus one extra at the end (two laser sessions and three 60-minute sessions, total), and a series of development activities tailored to your need.
    $600 for full program
  • 90-day Growth Cycle program
    The Growth Cycle plan starts from a simple concept: large goals are easier to accomplish in chunks. Experience shows that most people do best with 90-day cycles. This program focuses on your goals, growth, and obstacles for discrete 3-month chunks, allowing you to achieve your goals. You choose to receive your coaching time in either weekly or biweekly session, with email and phone support between.
    $1,850 for the full 13-week program (or $650 monthly installments)
  • 12-month Balanced Growth program
    This long-term coaching program gives you time and opportunity to approach all of your goals. I will start by helping you flesh out goals in all important areas, and we will work together to develop monthly and quarterly goals. We work together to identify the focus of the coaching program (and when to change it). One key area we will address throughout the program is balance. This is the program that proves: Balance is not a myth. Each month you will have up to 4 coaching sessions, plus telephone and email support, and customized activities and exercises to help you move forward.
    $6,375 for full program (or $625 monthly payment)

All of my clients get access to email me for support between sessions, as well as critical-moment support by phone.

Group Coaching programs – Available upon request!
I also offer group coaching sessions. Group Coaching gives me the opportunity to work with multiple people, share answers to questions, and address similar concerns at the same time.
Price and length depends upon the need – contact us for a customized coaching program for your group!
Customized programs and ad-hoc coaching are available if none of these programs is a good fit for your specific needs.

Before you can begin any coaching program (even the single-session options), you must request an initial evaluation session. During this session, I will determine if your needs and personality are a good fit for my coaching programs. If you have further questions about the programs and how to choose the right one for you, I can answer those during this session.