Commonly requested topics:

  • Your Most Important Tool – The importance of personal development for business success
  • The Passion Principle – Why most people fall short of their goals, and why you won’t
  • You Don’t “Have to” – “Need to” versus “Have to”…more than just words
  • From Vision to Execution – Building daily discipline to achieve your goals
  • The Fallacy of “Fake It ‘til You Make It” – Replacing deception with growth
  • Success, Day-by-DaySimple – Daily strategies for personal growth
  • (Re)Defining Success – Clarity on a misunderstood topic
  • The Modern Warrior’s Path – Living a values-based life in business
  • Modern Leadership – Applying age-old principles to the modern business

The Modern Warrior Rules™ series
Each topic in the Modern Warrior Rules series can be presented in formats ranging from a 30-minute keynote to a full breakout or workshop (full-day or half-day, depending upon the topic).

  • Modern Warrior Rules™ for Leadership
  • Modern Warrior Rules™ for Service
  • Modern Warrior Rules™ for Personal Growth
  • Modern Warrior Rules™ for Balance
  • Modern Warrior Rules™ for Relationships