I have been looking at my business lately, and thinking of ways to give back – to those who’ve helped me, to the community, and to those who have stood by me through the tough times of business and life. I have several plans brewing, but I need help from my community for one of them.

I want to find a non-profit to partner with. Someone I can do some events (perhaps seminars or keynotes, perhaps something larger) with proceeds going to benefit their cause. I’m looking for experienced non-profits, where I can be sure there’s real good to be done.

Of course, I can’t work with everyone. I’ll have to choose a small number (maybe only one or two), so I can manage the logistics and form a relationship with the organization. I’ll be looking for causes I can relate to and have some real interest in – I want to bring my passion on behalf of a cause!

If you work with a non-profit, know of someone I should talk to at a non-profit, or just have a good contact to help me get the conversation started, please get in touch with me. You can use the contact us page on this website to pass the information along.