With the help and advice of friends and colleagues, I have been working on the curriculum and requirements for a new professional coaching certification program to be offered through Quantum Point™.

The new coaching certification – PeopleScience™ Coaching –  is designed to be equally useful for life coaching, professional development coaching, and executive coaching and will be divided into three designations:

  • PeopleScience™ Behaviors Coach – Behaviors (PSC-B). The PSC-B certification will be an entry-level certification available to both new and experienced coaches. The curriculum will include basic coaching concepts, as well as coaching models leveraging DISC behavior theory to help a client quickly gain self-awareness and improve their ability at work and in personal relationships. Includes certification in DISC behaviors assessments, based on Marston’s theories from Emotions of Normal People.
  • PeopleScience™ Coach – Behaviors & Motivators (PSC-BM). The PSC-BM is a second level of certification, adding an in-depth understanding of individuals’ motivators and personal values. This is intended for coaches with some experience, and will have an experience requirement for certification, though all other certification requirements can be met while building up the experience needed to qualify for final certification. Includes certification in motivators assessments, based on Spranger’s theories from Types of Men. PSC-B is a prerequisite for certification, though training in both tracks can be completed simultaneously.
  • PeopleScience™ Master Coach (PSMC). The PSMC designation is for advanced coaches who are fully certified to deliver training for PSC-B and PSC-BM candidates. Only those carrying the PSMC designation will be able to deliver the full certification curriculum or conduct certification testing. This designation will have an experience requirement, including a training evaluation.

The PeopleScience™ Coaching certifications will be formally announced in early 2015, and we expect the first certification class during the first quarter of 2015. Pricing has not yet been determined, and we expect this program to be affordable for both full-time and part-time coaches. Watch for more news at my Modern Warrior Coach™ website and on the Quantum Point™ website.