Gerry offers basic and advanced training in public speaking. These workshops are designed to help individuals and small groups prepare to deliver effective public speaking in all areas. {readmorelink} … More information{/readmorelink}

  • Training groups
  • Delivering speeches
  • Formal public address
  • Introducing a speaker
  • Conducting conference calls and webinars
  • Hosting an event
  • Communicating to staff

The basic principles of public speaking carry across in effective interpersonal communications in all areas of life. Gerry’s training covers the basic tenets of effective speaking:

  • Vocal control
  • Use of body language and gestures
  • Preparing your speech
  • Practicing for a speech
  • Using the stage area effectively
  • Working with a microphone
  • Using notes on stage
  • Incorporating audio-visual support
  • Keeping your audience’s interest
  • Keeping a presentation on-time (stage time management)
  • Working with other presenters (group presentations)

Working through these basic concepts, workshop attendees develop greater confidence, comfort, and effectiveness in front of a group. For more information on Gerry’s seminars on public speaking, use the Contact link.