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A few thoughts before requesting an evaluation, and in preparation for the discussion:

  1. Of course, coaching programs cost money. I do not recommend spending into debt for a coaching program, unless you feel it is vital to help you get past a major obstacle that is holding you back. Before requesting an evaluation, be sure you have the money budgeted for the program you are requesting.
  2. Change takes time. I do not have magic words that will change your life during a single session, though I may be able to give you the tools in a single session to make your desired changes. The responsibility for the change is yours – no one here can do the work for you.
  3. Coaching can be an intensely personal process. Expect questions you weren’t expecting, and expect to share information that may not seem relevant to the situation – knowing what to look for to gain clarity in a situation is one of the key skills of a good coach.
  4. It is possible that, during the evaluation, I will determine that there is not a good fit between your need and my coaching. This is not personal – I would rather have you hire a coach that is better suited to your needs in these cases. Of course, as your needs and situation change, I would be more than happy to set up another evaluation session.

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Coaching is a very personal interaction - even business-oriented coaching. It is important that we ensure you and Gerry will make a good connection, so Gerry will personally conduct an initial evaluation and strategy session before you engage in a complete coaching program (even a single-session program).

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